Promote Your Minecraft Server


Promote Your Minecraft Server

It's easier to keep players on a server that is great. Finding people to play on your server is the hardest part of running a great server. Minecraft servers wouldn't be as fun without communities.

This article will help you increase your server's popularity by showing you how you can promote it. More players will flock to a server that is popular. How to get more players for your server.

Follow these steps to promote your Minecraft Server without any cost. You can also use paid advertising and hold paid competitions to promote your Minecraft Server.

Make sure your server is ready to go before you promote it. Your players may not like the fact that you are just starting your server or are still setting it up. They might move on to another server.

Join the Minecraft Server Lists

You can also promote your server to other people in areas where there are many of them. People are already searching for your server, believe it or not! It doesn't matter how old, new, great, or rusty the server is… It doesn't matter how old, great, or rusty it is…There are people who want to play it. You just need to get the link.

One way to do this is to add your server to as many servers lists as you can. There are many servers, so make sure you follow the next step to enable votifier. Voting on server lists is a great way to encourage users to participate. The higher your rank, the better chance you have to gain new users.

Enable Votifier

“Votifier” is a Bukkit plugin that notifies (aka votifies) the server when there is a vote on its minecraft servers. Votifier is a lightweight server that waits on connections via a Minecraft server and uses a simple protocol for getting information about the vote. Votifier is open-source and will remain so. Creator of Votifier

Voteers are rewarded by the server. Votifier is an option that top servers offer to keep a good spot on the server list. Follow the example of votifier and you will see that it works.

Votifiers are a great way to increase the number of votes on your Minecraft Server. Most Minecraft players look through server lists to find new minecraft servers. Players can't join a server if they don't know where it is. Votifier is a great tool to help you get involved. Voting is more fun when you get higher rewards.

Get the Votifier here

Find out how to install a Votifier here

Tell your friends

Minecraft is one the most loved PC games. The game is very popular and many people own it. You just have to convince them to play on your server.

You can get new players by posting about your server on social media. This makes it easier to build a community by having an already established connection with someone before you play Minecraft with them.

This method has one drawback: sometimes, friends or relatives might want to have more privileges on your server. This could be unfair to other players. It is up to the server admin whether their friends/relatives should be granted privileges.

Paid advertisements

Paid advertising is a great way to advertise if you have a popular server and are looking to make improvements to your server. Paid advertising is available on many platforms. You can either go directly to minecraft serverss, or you can use a wider network such as Google Ads. Google Ads/Social Media advertising packages via MineBrowse are another alternative.

Payed advertisements should be researched thoroughly to ensure you don't spend your money. If a project isn't going to work, don't waste your money. An advertising strategy can make a huge difference.

Join Minecraft Forums

The Minecraft forums are a place for players to discuss and share information about minecraft. There are many Minecraft Forums, and you should join one if you don't already. It's a great way for you to gain respect and possibly bring people to your server by meeting new people who share the same interests. These are some forums that you should be active in.

Make sure you include your Server Info in the Signature feature.

Follow the forum rules and place your posts in the correct category. No one wants to see your Minecraft Server Promotion in the mods Section. They will view it as shameless advertising.

Create a YouTube Video

You can use your video-making skills to promote your server. You can find many videos online talking about Minecraft servers. All you have to do is make a video about why others should play your server, and what's so special about it.

This is not something you have to do by yourself. You can ask another person to help. If someone is looking for a good server to play on Youtube, they will see yours!

You could use video to advertise your server or get players to upload testimonial videos praising it. Both of these ideas work well. These are just two ideas. If you have a better idea, you should pursue it.

Invite friends to join your club

A popular Minecraft player is a great feeling. Popular players bring their friends to your server when they join. You not only get a well-known player, but also anyone who is associated with them.

This is also true for groups of friends. If a few school friends invite their friends, you will feel proud and have a daily player count of double-digits. Encourage your server to be promoted to friends to ensure they don't quit. If one friend leaves, he might take his friends with him. This is also known as 'word-of-mouth' advertising.

Do not be afraid to work hard

It can take time to find new players for your Minecraft server. Server administrators should be patient and allow their servers to grow slowly after each day's promotions. Do not expect to get the next server in a matter of hours.

You can find new players if you put in a lot of effort. Your server should be unique and have a lot of value. You need to meet the needs of players in order for them to continue playing on your server.

Start a Discord Server or Community-Based Website

Players will stay for as long as they can find a welcoming and enjoyable environment. Although it may not be true, they will want to play. Gamers who play with their friends make the game more fun, so encourage them to bring their friends.

WordPress is a great platform for community websites. WordPress has two options: a self-hosted option that gives you full control of your site or a hosted option that allows you to have it hosted by WordPress. Although hosting your own website is more costly, you still have full control over it and can do what you want with it.

If your server isn't ready to host a website, you could always try a discord server. Discord servers are completely free and allow people to share information even when they're not playing Minecraft.

Your website or discord server should be the heart of your server. It is where everyone can access all the information they need 24/7. They can also get in touch and play with other players.