Best Minecraft Servers for 1.16


Best Minecraft Servers for 1.16

The 1.16 Minecraft servers are a blast to play. The Nether update brought a lot of new and fun content to Minecraft that the community loves.

We have compiled a list of the top five Minecraft servers that support Java 1.16. Each Minecraft server on this list is completely free to join and play.

Each server has 1.16 elements. They are all different in different ways so there is something for everyone. Let's get down to business, grab our Netherite armor, then let's jump into the best Minecraft servers in 1.16.

List Of Best Minecraft Servers (Version 1.16)


Purple Prison is a Minecraft server that you may have seen before. This server has a six-year uptime and shoutouts by YouTubers like PewDiePie. It supports all versions of minecraft above 1.7. This ensures seamless 1.16 compatibility.

Players start as a "New Inmate" on the Purple Prison server and work their way up the prison ranks mining and fighting their way towards the top. The server also features a complete set 1.16 Minecraft building materials that players can explore on their own plots of land.


CraftyMynes is a 100% vanilla survival Minecraft 1.16 Server. CraftyMynes offers many custom ease-of-play additions, such as teleportation commands and sethomes.

CraftyMynes is a friendly, small-scale Minecraft server that you can play on. It retains the vanilla features of the original game and has a tightknight community. This server gives you a nostalgic feeling of early Minecraft days.


Classic Vanilla is another great example of a vanilla Minecraft 1.16 Server. The unique thing about the Classic Vanilla Minecraft server is that they have zero plugins. This may sound strange and could be a recipe to disaster, but admins actually use it to their advantage.

The Classic Vanilla staff team has made it clear that griefing of any type is strictly forbidden on the server. This is to ensure that players can rest easy knowing that their hard work is protected.


Hypixel is the largest server in Minecraft for a reason. This can be attributed to their unique and custom-developed game types. It is obvious as soon as you step foot on the server.

This Minecraft server fully supports Minecraft 1.16 to play on. It features many game modes, but the most popular are Bed Wars, Skyblock and TNT Tag. This Minecraft server has something for everyone.


MoxMC is a 1.16 Minecraft server that players can join to start gathering resources in the full Minecraft 1.16 world. Players can claim a small piece of land to build their home or any other thing they want.

MoxMC allows you to join an existing community. All you have to do is ask the mayor. MoxMC features a PvP toggle system that allows players to decide if they want to engage in combat with other players. This is a unique feature to this server.