15 Best Minecraft Dungeons Melee Weapons


15 Best Minecraft Dungeons Melee Weapons

Minecraft Dungeons gives each player a melee and ranged weapon. You'll have the option to upgrade your weapon as you progress through the game. There are many weapon types, each with unique features that can be used for different purposes or fights.

We will be looking at the various weapon types and assessing their advantages and disadvantages. We'll also be looking at the Unique variants, which give your weapon more power and add extra protection to it.

A good melee weapon is essential for your game. Arrows can quickly run out, making it difficult to have a functioning ranged weapon. Every player will need at least one decent melee weapons. It can be helpful to have more, to better deal with the challenges in different areas.

This is why we have expanded the list to include all current weapon types in the game. We want you to find the best melee weapon that suits your needs.

15 Sickles: The Last Laugh

Sickles are fast but not great for mobs. This makes them weak in many situations. They have more power than a gauntlet, but their extra boosts are less useful, making them weaker overall.

The unique sickle, the Last Laugh, will increase your Emerald drops. It can be used to farm single mobs if you enchant it using looting-based options. However, it is generally useful for finding almost any other item that you might need.

14 Flail: Mace

The Mace is a solid weapon, but it has nothing that makes it stand out from other weapons. Its brute force style means that it does decent damage, but it is slow and doesn't have the range advantage of a spear.

The Flail is a unique mace that will bind and chain enemies. This is a useful tool, but they must still be very close to activate the effect due to the weapon's limited range.

13 Gauntlets: Fighter's Bindings

Because of their speed, Gauntlets can be a good choice. They are best used heavily enchanted to trigger the benefits frequently and get the best out of their speed. They can be found at lower levels, such as Soggy Cave and Cacti Canyon, but they are also available at higher levels.

Gauntlets can be used by those who purchase the Fighter's Bindings, which offer turbo punches as well as an attack speed boost. They can be a solid and versatile option once they are leveled and enchanted.

12 Whip: Vinewhip (Jungle Awakens DLC).

The whip is a weapon that only Jungle Awakens DLC can use. The pack is worth the journey if you have it. Although it may not be the fastest weapon, it packs a powerful punch.

The Vine Whip has a longer melee reach, and can also be used to poison your enemies. This is a great weapon that looks cool and can inflict quite a bit of damage. You'll have to make sure you're not in a mob or you'll be struggling.

11 Sword: Diamond Sword

The tradition of using swords in Minecraft is still alive and well. Although the basic starter sword is quite useless, you can get stronger ones later.

The Diamond Sword is the best weapon to use in the sandbox game. This unique item deals additional damage and is a great choice for melee fans who want to feel as if they are in Minecraft.

10 Fangs Of Frost Daggers

Why limit yourself to one blade when you could have two? Dual wield daggers can be fast and powerful, with great enchantments that allow them to reach their full potential.

You can also slow down enemies with your icy blades if you have the Fangs of Frost, increasing your survivability in battle.

9 Pickaxe: Diamond Pickaxe

Minecraft wouldn't be Minecraft if it didn't have a pickaxe. Although the basic pickaxe is an average weapon, there are still many benefits to being able to find the Diamond Pickaxe.

This item will make you feel like you are in Minecraft. It will also give you extra emeralds. These can be used to buy items at camp and can be used to upgrade your gear quickly, which is a nice bonus.

8 Spear: Whispering Spear

The spear's main advantage is its ability to reach enemies far away. A weapon with a long reach is especially useful in the early games, as enemies such as spiders and zombies must be within close range to be attacked. They are worth keeping an eye on as they can drop from Creeper Woods.

The Whispering Spear combines solid power and large melee range. It also extends that range and gives you the ability to strike twice. This is a great advantage for those who wish to keep enemies at distance because spears are slow.

7 Cutlass: The Dancer's Sword

Cutlasses are a solid weapon choice that provides a reliable combo buff starting at the beginning. These can be obtained from the Blacksmith at camp, Cacti Canyon and Fiery Forge.

The Dancer's Sword is a unique weapon type that increases your attack speed. This makes it a great choice if you love DPS.

6 Great Hammer: Hammer Of Gravity

Because of its powerful splash effect, the great hammer works best when used in the middle a group of mobs. The Hammer of Gravity is a unique weapon that can be used to pull in enemies towards you.

You can get great hammer drops from Obsidian Pinnacle and Fiery Forge, as well as the chance to be crafted at the camp Blacksmith.

5 Claymore: Heartstealer

The Claymore is a tanking gun that deals strong damage and has a powerful pushback at every level. Obsidian Pinnacle and the Blacksmith can both sell one.

The Heartstealer is a unique weapon class. It can also leech health from mobs. This makes it extremely powerful when combined with tanking armor or artifacts.

4 Soul Scythe: Jailor's Scythe

Anyone who wants to harvest souls will be able to use the Soul Scythe to increase their soul gathering. It is a powerful melee weapon that looks amazing.

The Unique Jailor's Scythe is a great weapon for fighting large numbers of enemies. Its extra effect, which binds and chains enemies, makes it stand out. This weapon will increase your versatility.

3 Double Axes: Cursed Axe

The Double Axe is a proof that two blades are more powerful than one. It is a solid melee weapon, but it also has a spin attack that looks great and does solid damage to all rarities and levels.

Cursed Axe is a unique version that causes all defeated mobs of mobs to explode, dealing massive damage and making everything look chaotic. It also comes with powerful enchantments.

2 Soul Knife: Eternal Knife

Soul knives can be found in the Soggy Swamp or Desert Temple, and can also be crafted by a Blacksmith. They are powerful and a must-have for anyone who is a soul collector.

The basic knives can gather souls and have a thrust attack. The Eternal Knife, which will increase your overall power and soul collection, will add an additional boost to your abilities.

1 Glaive: Venom Glaive, Grave Bane

Because of their longer melee reach, glaives of all types are great melee weapons. It is possible to hit other melee mobs from a distance or hit them before they get too close, which is a powerful ability in any situation.

The Grave Bane is a unique weapon that deals extra damage to undead. This makes it easy to defeat zombies and skeletons if you are fortunate enough to have it. Another unique feature is the Venom Glaive. This one spawns poison cloud and deals extra damage to enemies close by.